Education & Experience

It all started when...

Early on in life, Annette was a people-watcher. As she grew older, she became fascinated with how people behave in groups, made decisions, how actions were influenced, and how organizations functioned effectively - or not - over the long term. 

After a long history in health care organizations, management positions, small business ownership, and non-profit board work, all of which contributed to her skills in goal setting and strategic planning, Annette returned to university to get her MA and do further study in coaching people towards high performance. 

She currently owns KLAR Coaching and Consulting, and works with small and mid-sized businesses on both sides of the Canada/USA border.

Educational Background:

  • MA ABS (Applied Behavioral Science) from the Leadership Institute of Seattle, Bastyr University

    • Focus of studies:

      • Understanding behavior of people in groups and organizations

      • How decision-making processes are impacted by power and influence, and values

      • Metrics for process evaluation and scalable growth

      • Strategic Goal-setting and execution

      • Building long term sustainability into businesses and corporations

  • Diploma in Executive Coaching from Warner Results Coaching, an international company

  • Diploma in Hospital Departmental Management from Canadian Hospital Association

  • BSc. Rehabilitation from University of British Columbia

  • Multiple courses and additional training in labour relations, conflict mediation, and human resources management.


  • KLAR Coaching and Consulting - owner

  • Galbraith Physiotherapy Services - owner

  • Strategy design and redesign for startup and development of All Clear Diagnostics, a medical device company,

  • Co-Project Manager for Point Roberts Resource Directory development and publication - a start-up operation

  • Chief Union Steward for Center for Family and Children Services, a 175 person organization in British Columbia

  • Manager, IP and OP Physiotherapy Services, Shaughnessy Hospital, Vancouver, BC, a large teaching hospital

  • Multiple management positions at Mount St. Joseph Hospital, Vancouver, BC, a mid-sized community hospital service a diverse population