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Thoughts for Humanity and Therefore for Business

As a society, I believe we desperately need to take a long look at our values, our ability for compassion, what we call justice and what we call tolerance. We need to question the motives that feed our actions, our words and our judgments. I believe Robert Harris said it best within his book Conclave:

Certainty is the great enemy of unity. Certainty is the deadly enemy of tolerance.” (P. 91 in “Conclave” by Robert Harris)

Whether we are dealing with customers, clients, family, spouses, friends, partners, colleagues or workmates, or even strangers on the street, we need to be open enough to not just listen but to hear, be outside ourselves enough to observe with curiosity rather than judgment, and be compassionate enough to care about all with whom we come into contact in a way that does no harm.

Holding these values in our interactions in business is, to my mind, vital to business success.

In my next post, I discuss the values-based business.

Have a great weekend.

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